How To Kiss Well – Tips For Girls

  1. Always carry a balloon or chewing gum to freshen your breath.
  2.  Do not overdo the lipstick because the boys hate marks.
  3. Do not let the shackles get in the way, so do not even think that something might not work.
  4. Relax and focus on the moment, thus, you avoid the bustle.
  5. If you do not know what to do at the time, let yourself be carried by the cat or imitate his movements.
  6. If you feel ashamed, look for a discreet location, without an audience.kiss in the neck
  7. Take a good look at the little unforeseen kiss, if the teeth meet, for example.
  8. Just kiss if you really feel like it. Doing something just to please someone is not nothing.
  9. It’s okay to steal a kiss. If you have the chance, go ahead!
  10. Do not be discouraged if the first kisses are not so good, with practice, everything improves.

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