How To Run Properly 5 Km

The most important thing to become a 5km runner is to be persistent! Who is it, and how does a 5K runner live? Find out how to become a 5km runner.

The runner needs first of all a good pair of running shoes.

Running Shoes

Running Shoes

It does not have to be the most expensive, take a day to visit the tennis shop, find out your type of footfall and buy the right model. It is also recommended to have a time counter and beats.

Race preparation begins before training. Good hydration is essential to the 5km runner, ideally to start moisturizing an hour before exercise. Now you just need one more thing to be a 5km runner: the Street! The runner should start with the lighter version of the race, the jogging.

Jogging has the same benefits as walking, but because it is more intense, it requires more muscle and has higher caloric expenditure. The 5km runner should start jogging and walking until the race time is over. The idea is to increase the time of trot with the passing of the trainings.

The Importance of Hydration


Frequency Meter

During the course, hydrate every 15 minutes. As you gain breath, you can evolve from jogging to a light jog, and then to a stronger one. Balance the speed in the same way as in light training. At the end of the workout, drink in liquid the equivalent of the weight you lost in the race.

The 5km runner only evolves in their workouts if they are frequent, so it is very important to perform at least three weekly workouts on interspersed days. Two of them more intense and another lighter to avoid injuries and gain strength. It is very important to do bodybuilding! Twice a week is enough. Stretching before and after the race also helps give mobility and flexibility. Good nutrition also maintains body composition and aids in muscle recovery.

5Km runner
Mission Accomplished!

Never be a weekend runner again. Hold on to the activities, and when you least expect it, you’ll reach the five-kilometer mark running endlessly. From then on, a new goal will emerge: become a 10km runner !

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