Haircuts for Women

Variations of the Bob cuts remain the lead among the favorites for the year. The bob cut and its varieties arrived and soon exerted a strong influence on the visual of several celebrities. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens and Carol Castro have adopted hairstyle, which has a straight base and produces a modern and stripped look.


            The length of time will be chin-height, with shredded tips and loose curls. The main focus of the bob cut is to leave the hair with natural movements. But it is worth mentioning that women who have a very striking chin should explore the idea well before passing the scissors in the locks, as the cut highlights this feature even more.

            For long hair, which fits well in all face shapes, the trend comes with longer strands, absent in layers and length at the height of the breasts.

            Regarding the colors of the threads, gold is the tonality of the time, and stands out even more if accompanied by at least two shades of blonde, the results of wicks illuminates the face and produces an optimum contrast with the skin.

            For women who avoid clearing the locks because of the numerous visits to the beauty salon, a great exit are the so-called turtle hair , since the technique is performed in length and not in the root, in this way there is no need to do the retouch the entire hair, and the effect is much longer.

            Check out some inspirations that will trend, your next look may be here.



Pouso Alegre, April 09, 2016.

Aline Garcez

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