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60 Happy Brother’s Day Phrases

In Brazil, Brother’s Day is celebrated on September 5, and came with the initiative of the Catholic Church to honor the death anniversary of the missionary Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

The meaning of the word brother, in the religious context, is linked to the “next”, and this day is used to reflect on the attitudes taken towards other people.

Brother’s Day in the World


Brother’s day is also celebrated in India, but in August. There, the Hindus make rituals of offerings symbolizing the union and protection between them.

In Europe the event is celebrated on 31 May and in the United States on 10 April.

Quotes for Brother’s Day

Having a brother is like having a guardian of your best memories.

Brothers are our first true friends and they stand by our side our whole lives. Happy Brother’s Day!

Happiness is growing up fighting with a brother and having him for the rest of his life as a best friend. I love you my brother!

To have a brother is to have, for ever, a childhood remembered safely in another heart.

The love between siblings is stronger than time and any distance.

The bond between brothers is a true gift from God. Happy Brother’s Day!

To have the love of a brother in life is to know that you will never be alone, for whatever happens, this bond will never be broken.

Love between siblings is only true when complicity overcomes even the most serious misunderstandings.

Brother is the annoying one with whom we fight a lot during childhood and who love even more when we are adults.

My brother is my map, my safe, my everything and for him would give even my life. I adore you, bro!

We are different and we fight many times, but the blood that unites us is as real as the friendship that draws us closer. I love you, brother!

Baby, you’re the best gift our parents could have given me in life. I love you!

Because our feeling is the purest there is. I love you brother!

Today is our day, my sister! And I could never miss this important date for us. Happy Brother’s Day!

The friendship between brothers is pure, true and eternal.


Brother’s day Status

United by blood and inseparable by heart. Happy Brother’s Day!

A piece of me was lost when you left. Miss you, my brother!

A brother may not be a friend, but a friend will always be a brother. (Benjamin Franklin)

Friend, companion, partner of laughter and quarrels, I love you, my sister!

Love between brothers is eternal, because it always surpasses even the worst fights.

Having siblings is building fantastic memories during childhood and a bond of love and friendship for life.

Everyone complains about having a boring sister, when in fact no one can live without her.

In the love between brothers there is the greater expression of the goodness of God.

The love that unites us makes me fight so that you stay on my side forever. Have a happy day, sister!

Sometimes best friends are born and grow up next to us, but we really only recognize them when we mature.

A brother is a friend whom God has given him, a friend is a brother whose heart he chose.

Like a light that defeats the darkness, so is the embrace of a brother in the difficult times.

The sacrifice of Jesus will never be in vain as long as I look at my fellow man as a brother!

To have a friend is to have a brother, an accomplice and a confidant who supports us and never turns our backs on us.

Brother is a sacred name, a bond to life and a gift from God!

On this brother’s day I remember you, because sometimes we make friends that turn out to be more special than the family itself!

Brother’s day India 2018 wishes

This is the right time to turn the fights of the past into laughter and strengthen the ties that hold us together. Happy Brother’s Day!

Whoever has one knows the synonym of protection. Happy Brother’s Day!

Older brother is more than idol, is a friend for all life!

Brother is synonymous with love, and it is the most loyal relationship one can possess in life.

Who has a brother has everything, but whoever has mine has the best in the world!

You left for another world, but left me a universe of love. Until always, my brother!

The friendship between brothers is pure, true and eternal. Happy Brother’s Day!

Happy Brother’s Day! At his side I grew up and built the most beautiful memories of my life.

For all those who were fortunate enough to find in Brother a friend for life, a Happy Brother’s Day!

Happy Brother’s Day! Our connection was drawn at birth, but we chose to prolong it through life.

Even far, our bond is stronger than everything, my brother!

A brother is half of us, without him we are little and with him we have the world in the palm of the hand!

We can fight for any reason, but our union is indisputable. I adore you, my brother!

We have had our fights and we have already healed some wounds, but nothing will separate us. I adore you, my brother!

How I would like to end this distance that separates us. Miss you, my brother!


Brothers quotes

Your joy infects me every day. I love you, little brother!

My best friend shares a last name with me. I love you my brother!

Growing up with a brother is building a true and eternal friendship every day, no matter how many fights you had to overcome.

Brother is more than family, he is a friend of blood for all life.

Love between siblings is pure and solid, because it is born in the midst of fights, and it grows and evolves throughout life.

Brother is the annoying one that we fought a lot during childhood, and that we love even more when we are adults.

Brother is not an option, but building a friendship with him is the best choice.

Baby you’ve become my best friend. I love you, my little brother!

Because without you I am nothing, your existence is everything to me. I adore you, my brother!

It’s useless to keep stuffing me, because I’ll always love your way, you boring brother!

Having a brother is the best thing in the world and only those who have know. It’s that person you share secrets, fight and trust. Express all your feeling with beautiful phrases and messages!

A brother is a part of us, it is an extension of our lives, it is an unmeasured love.

Love between siblings is only true when complicity overcomes even the most serious misunderstandings.

Happiness is growing up fighting with a brother and having him for the rest of his life as a best friend. I love you my brother!

Having an older brother is also having a friend, a second parent, a master and a unique adventure companion!

It’s so good to know that our connection is eternal. Adore you! Happy Brother’s Day!

The love of brothers has a very short memory. This is the only explanation for overcoming such misunderstandings.

Who is more a friend of a brother than his brother?

We are more than a story, we are a love in common, and it is a great pride to be able to call you my brother.

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