Great brother’s day quotes 2018

60 Happy Brother’s Day Phrases In Brazil, Brother’s Day is celebrated on September 5, and came with the initiative of the Catholic Church to honor the death anniversary of the missionary Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The meaning of the word brother, in the religious context, is linked to the “next”, and this day is used to reflect […]


7 Amazing Curiosities About Pregnancy – [# 5 Will Surprise You]

In the course of the female sexual cycle there are fertile periods. At this time the woman can become pregnant. During the fertile period , the ovary releases the ovum, which proceeds toward the fallopian tubes and eventually reaches the uterus. If an unprotected sexual intercourse occurs during the period when the egg is passing through the fallopian tubes , fertilization may occur. The Fertilization occurs when a sperm penetrates the egg. In other words, the sperm’s junction with the […]


The 25 Best Perfumes For Women

Regardless of gender, everyone should own at least one signature perfume in their wardrobe. The reason is, perfumes and personality are inseparable and are deeply associated. You should already have knowledge about this fact, is the reason why you are here by reading the list of best perfumes for women. True, the perfume you carry can make […]


8 Amazing Facts About Samsung

One of the great companies in the mobile world, Samsung has become a veritable empire in the smartphone and electronics industry, although its story really started much earlier. How much sooner? 1938, in fact. Over these years, the company has evolved significantly, and has brought innovation in numerous markets, which goes far beyond just mobile and electronic. 1. […]


13 Facts About Apple

There are few companies that have changed the world as much as Apple. Everything has been in a friends garage, and since then, it has grown terribly. It has become one of the largest and most influential companies in the world. In terms of total assets, Apple is in fact the largest technology company in the world. To paint […]


The Discovery Of Brazil

The Discovery Of Brazil On April 22, 1500 By Pedro Álvares Cabral The discovery of Brazil was an episode in the creation of a Portuguese commercial empire, which in less than 100 years of extension, reached four continents. The Portuguese have established West African coast stations since the beginning of the 15th century. In 1499 Vasco […]