6 Awesome Male Tattoos Ideas

The tattoo can be characterized as the application of paints, drawings and calligraphy under the skin, through needles, which insert the pigment. Some archaeological evidence supports the idea of ​​4,000 years ago there were already tattoo practices in ancient Egypt. In the scenario of modern society, the desire to express uniqueness and freedom of expression, […]


Meat Diet May Have Contributed To The Development Of Human Intelligence

The debates about the development of human intelligence are ancient and controversial to this day. Some current scholars, along with a small number of researchers in the past, claim that the development of human intelligence is directly related to meat consumption. Meat Diet According to these researchers, a diet rich in animal fats and proteins […]


Haircuts for Women

Variations of the Bob cuts remain the lead among the favorites for the year. The bob cut and its varieties arrived and soon exerted a strong influence on the visual of several celebrities. Celebrities like Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens and Carol Castro have adopted hairstyle, which has a straight base and produces a modern and stripped look. Haircuts […]