After all, what are the harms caused by the pacifier

The pacifier is basically nipple made of silicone, used by hundreds of thousands of families around the world to calm the baby.

Even with all the popularity of pacifiers, some experts recommend that parents and baby caregivers do not use the pacifier to stop them from crying or sleeping. This is because in addition to diminishing the bonds between the baby and the people who are around him, the pacifier can still cause some harm to the development of his little one.

Newborns and babies have an enormous need for suction early in their lives, and this is extremely normal. The act of sucking calms the baby and makes him more relaxed. That means whatever you give your little suck, it will immediately pick it up with your mouth. But that does not mean he loves the pacifier right from the start.
This means that you accustomed your baby to calm down using the pacifier and became a habit.

Damage caused by the pacifier

Some of the harm caused by continued and prolonged use of the pacifier are:

  • Decrease bonding between baby and mom
  • Problems and difficulties with breastfeeding
  • Deformities in the dental and maxillary arch
  • Increased chance of developing ear infections
  • Significantly increases disease and infection
  • Impairs speech development

The pacifier ends up stealing the moment the parents would have to tighten the bonds with the baby, soothing him and establishing a safe relationship with him.
I know that motherhood comes loaded with innumerable obstacles and challenges, requiring a lot of physical and mental disposition of the parents. But although this is a really challenging time, when using a pacifier makes it easier and more practical, this moment passes so fast that soon you will just have to long to calm your baby in your arms.
So resist the temptation to offer the pacifier for your baby whenever he cries and try to give affection and lap to your little one.

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