7 Tips For Beginner Tattooers [# 3 Is Immensely Important]

The term tattoo is derived from the English Tattoo, from the Tatau polynesia, which can be classified as an onomatopoeia, which basically means “beating”, taking into account that once tattoos were made using instruments made from bones, in which the natives beat with a piece of wood.

Tattoos accompany the human being throughout their evolution since the earliest times. Otzi is a famous Neolithic Ice Man, who had 57 tattoos. There are indicators that they were performed during some healing ritual, very similar to acupuncture.

To become a renowned tattoo artist, you will need to spend hours and hours in the process of perfecting the art under the skin. The distinction of a simple tattoo and one that can be classified as an unquestionable work of art on the skin is directly tied to the skill and talent of the tattoo artist.

Check out seven tips for you to become an illustrious tattoo artist:

  1. Become a Professional

The professionalization of the tattoo artist is the basis for your success. The labor market is becoming more and more competitive, and consequently, the competition among professionals increases. To excel, take improvement courses and tattoo workshops.


  1. Practice

Before getting a tattoo on human skin, you will need to develop affinity with the material used during the tattoo process. For this to happen you will have to train several designers in synthetic skin, pork skin or fruits, such as orange.


  1. Stay tuned for hygiene

Develop hygiene habits while you practice the tattoo. Anvisa sets specific rules for tattoo studios, and it is up to the tattoo artist to follow all these standards, for their own safety and also their clients, thus minimizing the risks of cross-contamination.

A very useful tip is to wrap the surface used with PVC film, in addition to cover accessories such as sprayers and vats, always changing the PVC film at the end of the process. Remembering that the use of disposable gloves is also of utmost importance.


  1. Decal

To tattoo a picture under human skin, you will need to make the tattoo decal. For the accomplishment of this procedure you must first have a clear designe, which can come from internet designs, magazines, or own creation. Use hectograph paper to mark the lines of the drawing.

  1. Hair Removal

A good tattoo begins with preparation of the skin, for this to occur, it is imperative that you shave the place to be tattooed. For this procedure use a disposable razor.

  1. Transferring the decal to the skin

Perform the removal of the hairs, clean the place to be tattooed, to remove all oil and impurities present on the skin. Apply the transfer in the region, you can use Aloe and Vera. stick long life.


  1. Alcohol 70%

The alcohol has in its composition microbicidal properties, efficient in the process of elimination of microorganisms commonly related to infections. Alcohol 70% has excellent concentration for disinfection. To perfectly exert the role of germicide, it is necessary to dilute the alcohol in the water, which allows the denaturation of the proteins, because the water makes it easier to introduce it into the interior of the microorganism.

Use 70% alcohol to make the skin asepsis.

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