7 Amazing Curiosities About Pregnancy – [# 5 Will Surprise You]

In the course of the female sexual cycle there are fertile periods. At this time the woman can become pregnant.

During the fertile period , the ovary releases the ovum, which proceeds toward the fallopian tubes and eventually reaches the uterus.

If an unprotected sexual intercourse occurs during the period when the egg is passing through the fallopian tubes , fertilization may occur.

The Fertilization occurs when a sperm penetrates the egg. In other words, the sperm’s junction with the egg forms an “egg cell.”

If the egg cell is to be installed on the wall of the uterus, the gestation cycle begins .

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Symptoms of Pregnancy

  • Absence of menstruation
  • Swollen, sore breasts
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Constipation
  • Frequent urge to urinate

Needed Care During Pregnancy

  • Do not practice violent and intense exercises , as they put the pregnant woman’s body in danger.
  • During pregnancy , it is important to maintain a balanced and healthy diet .
  • Give preference to foods with high protein , such as meats, fish, eggs and vegetables.
  • Avoid breads, pastries and pasta.
  • In the last months of gestation, during sexual intercourse , give preference to the “side” position, as it will ensure that the penetration is not so deep. Reducing the chances of preterm labor .
  • In some cases, where there is a risk of spontaneous abortion , it is best to stop sexual activity during the third and fourth month of gestation.
  • Use elastic stockings to prevent the onset of varicose veins.
  • Use stronger bras during pregnancy.

7 Curiosities About Pregnancy

pregnancy symptoms

  1. Smoking During Pregnancy

Smoking in the gestational period greatly impairs the development of the fetus.

Smoking can cause a significant decrease in fetal weight.

Smoking also increases the chances of an abortion .

In addition to being very detrimental to the mental and physical development of the baby.

The nicotine present in the cigarette penetrates the breast milk, thus causing serious injuries in the child.

  1. Age

At birth, a girl already has all her reproductive cells ready. Thus the age of the ovules is the same as that of the woman.

In this way, the greater the age, the greater the chances of the appearance of anomalies.

  1. Drinking Alcoholic Drinks During Pregnancy

When a pregnant woman ingests alcohol, alcohol infiltrates the placenta and causes innumerable harm to the baby.

The most common disorders are mental disorders, heart damage and retarded growth of the child.

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  1. Colostrum

From the tenth week of gestation, the appearance of a yellowish liquid in the sinuses is normal .

This liquid is colostrum , it is produced before breast milk.

  1. Fertilization

The sperm can survive for up to two days inside the woman’s body.

In this way, fertilization can happen a few days after intercourse.

  1. Baby blues

After childbirth, a considerable change occurs in the hormones present in the woman’s body.

This hormonal change can cause a serious picture of depression .

This psychological disorder affects the well-being of the woman and also of the baby.

  1. Placental Retention

In most cases, the placenta separates completely from the uterus, and with the help of an obstetrician , the woman can expel the entire placenta.

However, in some isolated cases, the placenta becomes involved in the uterus, causing a placental retention .

In this case, the doctor will manually remove the placenta. For this procedure, a general anesthesia is applied .

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