5 Signs Demonstrate That You Are A Nerd


Usually nerds are classified as extremely intellectual people, who nurture an almost maniacal passion for all that arouses their interest.

Check out a number of nerd passions and attitudes below, and see if you have some of the most striking features of the Nerds.

  1. Do you love video games?

Video game is a common hobby and loved by many, but when you are a nerd, the fascination with games is immensely bigger.

And it’s not uncommon at times that we stop going to any kind of social event to zero a game we just bought.

  1. You have social difficulties.

Often nerds are classified as socially awkward people.

This view is given to the fact that it is a thousand times easier to put blame on a minority, rather than the public at large.

Which in a way causes an aggravating in the social isolation of the nerds.

Who prefer to interact with members of their “species”.

Anti social
  1. You love comics

If you spend hours of your day reading comics, or discussing Marvel’s heroes, for example, then consider yourself a card-carrying nerd.

Because comics are one of the most common and intense passions of a nerd.

Marvel HQ
  1. You get lost in your passions

It is not uncommon at times that we lose track of time. This happens because we disconnect from the world when we are playing.

And consequently we forget to eat, for example, in favor of zeroing a game.

Passion Nerd
  1. You are passionate about Science Fiction

Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Greedy Games, X-men, among others, one thing is for sure: nerds are obsessed with science fiction.

Science fiction
Science fiction

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