Unbelievable! 40 Funny Exam Answers That Will Leave You Jaw Dropped [# 26 Is Disturbing]

The most incredible answers given in the vestibular tests

1) Lavoisier was guillotined for inventing oxygen. (Ever wonder?)

2) The optic nerve transmits bright ideas to the brain. (If the guy is obtuse, his nerve should convey shadowy ideas, right?)

3) The wind is an immense amount of air. (What a thing! I had not thought of that.)

4) The earthquake is a small movement of uncultivated land. (It was only necessary to complete that this movement is an armed arm of the MST.)


5) Ancient Egyptians developed funerary art so that the dead could live better. (Nothing more fair. You can not live eternity uncomfortably)

6) Pericles was the main dictator of Greek democracy. And Stalin was the main follower of Mahatma Ghandi.

7) The fundamental problem of the third world is overabundance of needs. (The animal that wrote this must have reasoned with its own abundance and not with the brain.)

8) Oil appeared many centuries ago, at a time when fish drowned in the water. (Yes, this was in the same geological period when the birds had vertigo and the earthworms claustrophobic.)

Root and its function

Root and its function

9) The main function of the root is to bury itself. (Impressive!)

10) The Church lately has been losing a lot of clientele. (I can conclude that it is the fault of the Pope, who would be the Vice-President of Marteking, and the Jesuit Company of Jesus would be the oldest of the SA’s.)

Hilarious answers to exam questions

11) The sun gives us light, heat and tourists. (That one, for sure, is Rio).

12) The birds have in their mouth a tooth called a beak. (I was jaw-dropping! Or, better, with a nozzle.)

13) The unit of force is the Newton, which means the force that has to be accomplished in one meter of the unit of time, in the opposite direction. (The clock of this beast must have cm, me km.)

14) Legend is all prose narration of a confusing subject. (You understand right? All political speech is a legend.)

15) The harp is a wing that touches. (Imagine his definition for Stick Trombone.)

16) Yellow fever was brought from China by Marco Polo. (If Marco Polo had traveled to the US, he would bring the Red Fever of the Indians.)

17) Ruminants are distinguished from other animals because what they eat, they eat twice. (This is a great observer of one’s own family)

Heart works 24 hours
Heart works 24 hours

18) The heart is the only organ that does not stop working 24 hours a day. (Imagine the relief I felt in reading this.)

19) When an irrational animal has no water to drink, it only survives if it is stuffed. (Must have been the fate of the author of the sentence.)

20) Insomnia consists of sleeping backwards. Death is living the other way, is not it?

Funny Test Answers

21) Gothic architecture was notable for making vertical buildings. (Better skip this ..)

22) The difference between Romanticism and Realism is that the romantics write novels and the realists show us how the situation of the country is. And there are still several left to comment on.

23) Chile is a very tall and thin country. (He confused Chile with our former Vice-President, Marco Maciel.)

Excerpt from the movie "The Mummy"
Excerpt from the movie “The Mummy”

24) The mummies had a deep knowledge of anatomy. (To me, the most “striking” of all.)

25) Baptism is a kind of detergent of original sin. (Confession would be the soap, for daily use.)

26) In Greece, democracy worked very well because those who did not agree were poisoned. (Come to think of it, it ‘s not a bad idea. It’ s hard to persuade people.

27) Prosopopoeia is the beginning of an epic. (And a Centipede should be 100 Epics.)

28) Crustaceans out of water breathe as best they can. (Courage, there are only a few).

29) Plants are distinguished from animals by breathing only at night. (What insight!)

30) Human hermaphrodites are born united by the body. (And, Xiphopagos are bi-sexual individuals.)

Funny College Test Answers

31) The salivary glands only work when you feel like spitting. (Well, I’ve already come here ..)

Jesus and the faith
Jesus and the faith

32) Faith is a grace through which we can see what we do not see. (The way is opened for the cure of blindness.)

33) The estuaries and deltas were the primitive inhabitants of Mesopotamia. (What the hell is that !!!!!!)

34) The objective of the Corporation is to have many factories unknown. (Drug trafficking is the largest of the SAs.)

35) The Social Security assures the right to collective illness. (It makes sense.Your Health Plan only works when you’re sick, right?)

36) Atheism is an anonymous religion. (Yeah, it’s SA of God.)

Running out of air
Running out of air

37) Anaerobic breathing is the breath without breath that should not exceed three minutes. (My fear is to discover that such a quadruped was my pupil.)

38) Heat is the amount of calories stored in a unit of time. (Speak the truth. It does not give you a sense of emptiness, impotence.)

39) Before justice was created, everyone was unjust. (Thank God, only one is left.)

40) Secondary sexual character are the morphological modifications undergone by an individual after having sex. (Now, imagine the appearance of one)

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