Newborn First Aid

First aid In several situations the newborn presents a set of changes that do not specifically symbolize a disease, but demonstrate that the child’s health is not completely full. Some signs work as alert, and mothers should be aware of these details: Loss of appetite Vomiting Frequent regurgitations Low weight gain Decreased activity Sick baby […]


The Advantages Of Making An Exchange

Having the chance to study abroad has many advantages, adding academic knowledge and provoking personal growth for the student. All the people who make an interchange return home with many adventures and new stories to tell their family and friends. What is Exchange? The word exchange is broad, but has a very understandable meaning, basically, exchange means trade , being commercial, cultural or academic. […]


Aedes Aegypti – A Recurring Theme

The Aedes aegypti mosquito is responsible for a serious public health obstacle, and commonly presents in the ENEM and vestibular tests . Among the most recurrent subjects related to the subject, it is possible to highlight the ways of preventing mosquito-borne diseases and what measures should be taken to prevent mosquito breeding. Aedes Aegypti Currently Aedes aegypti is responsible for […]