10 Simple Tips For You To Improve Your Kiss [ # 7 Is Crucial]

  1. Do not be in a hurry and let the kiss happen naturally, when you both feel comfortable.
  2. Start with calm and care so as not to scare who is kissing. Pay attention as the person kisses, making the movements smoother as you analyze.
  3. Try to move your tongue slowly so you can enjoy the moment.
  4. Control the excess saliva, as a very wet kiss may not please.
  5. Do not expect the person to do everything. Take initiative and surprise her.
  6. On the other hand, it’s also not cool for you to want to kiss it all the time. Let yourself go a little.
    Tongue kiss
    Tongue kiss
  7. Avoid moving your head from side to side all the time or your teeth may collide.
  8. Alternate the movements leaving them one hour faster and, in another, slower, being careful not to exaggerate the intensity.
  9. While it may be delightful to close your eyes while kissing, occasionally, take a peek at the person’s reactions.
  10. Abuse creativity and do not be afraid to use your mouth and tongue to discover new sensations.

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